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Our Time Share Resale Advertising Company

The time share resales business needs a change. It's never been a pretty business but we're hoping to change that one day at a time. Time shares and timesharing will always be a part of how people travel. These properties are being sold at the resorts daily, but what's even more astounding is that time share resales are trading hands on the Internet almost as fast.

The resale industry took off like a rocket with the introduction of the Internet. Many resale company scrambled to put up a website and sell as many advertisements as possible. Unfortunately there was no website promotion and the ads just all sat there and nobody ever saw them. Hence the first wave of timeshare scams was born and a new way to fleece timeshare owners was just beginning.

Time Share Resales And Resort Classified Advertising

We have time share resales! We also have time share resorts. Locate time shares using our advanced search functions. We have resales for sale and for rent right here. Each day new properties are added. We feature over 4000 resorts worldwide and offer our visitors several different ways to research and locate our resorts and resales.

Our Goal is to shed some much needed new light on the time share resales industry, and the companies in general. No longer are consumers to be left at the mercy of these time share resale rip-off giants. Affordable Do-it-yourself resales program is making it's way to the Internet. You now have an alternative to high pressure sales tactics, rude sales people, and the ever popular fleecing!

EZTimeshare is here to help.

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