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Timeshare Buyers Guide

Timeshare buyers guide for first time share buyersAre you ready to buy timeshare? Make sure you read all the information made available for those that are about to buy resale properties. Buying a timeshare is an important decision.

Buyers should only make decisions once all the facts are in. We have built this guide of timeshare buyers information designed to help those ready to buy. For Rent For Sale

Buy Timeshare Safely

We have the buyers information you need. When buying it's important to keep in mind several important factors that will most definitely make or break the timeshare experience. We have a list of what we believe to be the most important factors to consider when purchasing a timeshare.

  1. Don't Pay Too Much. Remember that the seller is trying to maximize his profit just as you are trying to minimize your expense. In order to get the best deal available, make certain you have shopped online first. There are many timeshare resale websites online, check for similar units and compare prices.
  2. Make sure you know what you want. Timeshare comes in all shapes and sizes. Make sure you have a solid picture of what you need. Bedrooms, bathrooms, location, amenities and season all play such an important part in the buyers role.
  3. When will you be vacationing? What weeks do you have off every year. Are they the same weeks yearly or do they differ. If you know when you vacation you can purchase the set week or floating week that server your purpose.
  4. How much space do you need? Typically the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms determine the price. If you only need 2 bedrooms, don't pay for three unless you have someone else to occupy the third room and split the expenses.
  5. How much are the maintenance costs? Know exactly how much you will have to pay in yearly maintenance fees. Ask how much they will rise every year and be prepared to pay them every year whether you use the resale that year or not.
  6. How long will you want to keep this unit? Typically folks prefer the deeded timeshare. Some would rather have the property revert back to the owner after 20 years. Deeded or Leased timeshare is quite different. Know which type you are buying.
  7. Will you be renting the timeshare? Some owners try to rent their time share during the weeks they are unable to use it. If this is your plan, buy timeshare where there are plenty of activities that bring tourists to the area.
  8. Which Exchange Company will you be using? Sometimes a week of timeshare goes unused. If you have an exchange company you may save or bank that week and use it at a better time.
  9. Buy in a great location. When you are ready, make sure you've picked a location that has plenty to offer. Nothing's worse than finding out you've covered all the activities offered after only a few years.
  10. Timeshare is not Real Estate. Although it is similar, timeshare is not considered "typical real estate". (truth about timeshare) You can't hang a for sale sign in front of it, or bring potential buyers to preview it. Do not expect a large return on your investment when it's time to sell time share. The investment reward comes from the many fine years of vacationing and memories you have because of the timeshare you bought.

We hope this information has helped. Buying timeshare is such a big step. Please make an informed decision before you buy timeshare. If you need more resources feel free to check out our other features and information at our site map.

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