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Our Resale Advertising Network

Time Share Services currently maintains a network of websites designed to deliver highly qualified buyers and renters directly to your resale advertisement.

  1. Time Share Services - Specializes in resales throughout the world.
  2. EZ Timeshare - Specializes in resales throughout the world.
  3. EZ Travel Merchants Discount Club - Specializes in travel agency club merchant services.
  4. California Time Share - Specializes in California resales.
  5. Las Vegas Time Share - Specializes in Las Vegas resales.
  6. USA Time Share - Speicalizes in resales throughout the United States.
  7. Carolina Time Share - Specializes in North and South Carolina resales.
  8. Colorado Time Share - Specializes in Colorado resales
  9. Mexico Time Share - Specializes in Mexico resales.

As part of your $100 advertising fee we will feature your advertisement on as many of our websites as possible. For instance if you own a resale in "Orlando" you will receive an advertisement on 4 of our websites (# 1, 2, 3, and 6 on list from above) as part of our service!

We do this simply because people search for time share using different words and phrases. Someone searching for a time share in Orlando might type in "Orlando time share" or they might type in "Florida Time Share" as their search phrase. What if they just type in "time share" as their phrase? With our netowrk of websites we catch nearly all the phrases anyone could enter and your advertisement receives the exact traffic you were hoping for. Someone looking for "Orlando time share" finds a website specializing in just that, Orlando Time Share!

Check out our advertising program and what we have to offer. We think you'll find our services and what we offer well worth the $100 advertising fee. We thank you for visiting our site and wish you a pleasant stay. If you need more information about our resale advertising company or what we do as part of our service please feel free to contact our time share company or use our online form to send us a message.

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