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How Much Is My Timeshare Worth

When the time comes to sell your timeshare make sure to set the price right. Price a timeshare wrong and you're sure to have a long wait until the sale, so don't price that timeshare too high! Pricing is everything for a quick sale. Let us offer a few tips when it comes time to find out how much my timeshare is worth.

Pricing a Resale For How Much It's Worth

  • Know what the resort is selling a typical unit like yours for, and set your price accordingly.
  • Check online resale websites, for timeshare at the same location and see what they are selling for and set your price accordingly.
  • Take into consideration any nearby activities. Local tourist business means more money for you.
  • What about a kitchen in your timeshare? If you have a full kitchen, your unit is worth more than one without it.
  • Is there local ground transportation available. Local transportation means no rental cars and that means more money for your timeshare.
  • Is your unit near the pool, hot tub, facing the ocean, or looking at a mountain? Better view, more money.
  • Holiday week, spring break or race week? If your timeshare week is on a major event or holiday you can ask a little more for the sale price.
  • Great weather, climate, golf? If your timeshare is located in a tropical paradise or a skiers paradise you can also ask a little more for your.
  • How much enjoyment have you received over the years. Remember folks, it's not a house on a mountain, it is a week of time your family has enjoyed for years and many vacations.
  • Be Reasonable with your asking price. Overpriced timeshare units move rather slow in a market governed by price and location.
  • We hope you have found these resale pricing tips helpful. Remember that they are only a guide and the best way to see what your timeshare is really worth is to actually price others like it on the resale market. You can view our timeshare for sale or rent here. Make sure to set the price in line with other units just like yours and you'll soon know exactly what your timeshare is worth when someone buys it.

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