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How We Market Timeshare For Sale Or Rent

Ready to put your timeshare up for sale or rent? If so, then you have indeed come to the right place. We are the top For Sale By Owner timeshare resale advertising company doing business on the Internet today.

We've developed a system that puts you the owner in control of selling or renting your vacation resale. By utilizing the power of the Internet we can now market your timeshare for sale and rent all over the world to people looking for timeshare.

How Our For Sale By Owner Advertising Works

Our resale advertising program utilizes the power of the Internet to expose your resale to as many potential buyers and renters as possible. The only way to sell or rent is if someone actually sees your advertisement.

  • We put you in control of your advertising. Whether your timeshare is for sale or rent, you create your own advertisement by filling in a simple form. Select your resort from our database complete with color pictures, description, and contact information.
  • Create your secret account during sign up. You simply enter an e-mail address into our system where you would like to receive your offers. No names, phone numbers or addresses are needed (*online accounts only). You remain totally private until you're ready to close on the sale or accept a rental offer. There is no need to post your personal information with your advertisement for spammers and hackers.
  • All offers for sale or rental are sent directly to you. We do not screen your offers. All offers are sent directly to you. There is no need to call your salesperson every day to find out if you've had an offer. Simply check your e-mail daily.
  • Our Advertisements Expire On Their Anniversary. One Year from the date the ad was placed it is removed automatically. This keeps the number of advertisements at any given resort low so there is less competition. Additionally our ads continually shift as new inventory is added and old is removed.
  • You pay a one time fee for each advertisement you create. Simply pay the advertising fee for each property you choose to advertise on our site. There are no commissions after the sale, or any other costs to pay. What you sell for is what you keep.
  • Once you've found a buyer or renter the rest is easy. We provide additional services like a closing company for you to use once you've found a buyer. If you're renting we also provide an escrow company to handle the rental transaction. Either way we guide you through each phase until the transaction is complete.
  • There is no need to cancel your advertising. At the end of one year from the time you create your advertisement it will expire. We will provide notice 1 month prior to expiration, to any renters that wish to continue their advertising. If at that time you wish to renew simply pay the renewal fee to keep your advertising active.
  • The process is fast, easy, and about the simplest way to rent or advertise timeshare for sale on the Internet today. Our for-sale-by-owner advertising program puts you in charge of your resale advertising. We offer more information on all of our timeshare resale advertising programs throughout the site.

    If you need more information feel free to contact us for all your timeshare resale advertising needs. If you own a timeshare and have not put it up for sale or rent yet, then please read this information.

    We advertise timeshare resales for sale and rent using the For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) method. $100 dollars for one year is all it costs!

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