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Our Time Share Resales Advertising Program

Our Time Share Resale Program Makes Sense. In order to market time share effectively you need to deliver plenty of qualified buyers and renters to the advertisement. Unless people can find your advertisement it's worthless.

The current industry has been operating under the premise that in order to sell or rent a resale time share you must pay hundreds of dollars if not thousands to a resale company in order to market your resale or promote a time share.

Do It Yourself Time Share Advertising

It's time to introduce "Do-it-yourself" to time share. As with everything else in life there are people who like to Do-It-Themselves. They don't need someone to make their advertisement, they don't need someone to change a price, and they don't need someone to accept or reject their offers.

  • Learn How Our Resale Advertising Program Works
  • Saving money is the name of the game in today's economy. We are the only 100% do-it-yourself resale advertising company on the Internet today! If you can type a few words, know where your time share is located, you can be online taking sale and rental offers in minutes and save hundreds of dollars in the process.

    By placing your own advertisement and handling your own offers you can not only save money but know what's happening with every step of the resale process.

    The time for a change is here! One day people from all over the world will market time share resales using this system. EZTimeshare.com will be responsible for revolutionizing the time share resale advertising industry.

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