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Sell your timeshare resale safelySell timeshare resales safely using our For Sale By Owner advertising network of websites. There is no commission or costs other than the advertising fee we charge for a one year advertisement.

Below we offer some advice for owners selling timeshare on the resale market. These pieces of advice should guide sellers in the right direction with regard to a safe and timely sale.

Resort Timeshare Sales Experts

We would like to point out a few things. We believe these to be the biggest stumbling blocks encountered during timeshare sales. Read through these points of interest and make note of the areas which might present a problem to you as a potential owner.

  1. Be realistic regarding the price you expect to receive for the vacation property. This might seem harsh but this is not "typical real estate" and does not always sell around the price you paid for it. Not all resales are like this. Some areas will fetch a higher price but generally be prepared to receive less money than you paid for the unit when you purchased it.
  2. Look at other units like yours and find out how much they are going for. Remember, beat the resort price and stay competitive with private sellers.
  3. What type of medium would you like to advertise across? Select an advertising company that will market your resale where it is most cost effective. Radio, TV, Newspapers, billboard, direct mail, or telemarketing all tend to get rather expensive for a company to maintain and this overhead is passed along to you in the form of a higher cost for your advertising.
  4. Set your price negotiable. Don't limit your offers by setting a FIRM price for your unit.
  5. Quick Sales stem from aggressive pricing. If you want to get out from under that unit fast then set your asking price somewhat lower than the rest of the units for sale.
  6. Don't take a ridiculous offer. If you're not in a hurry don't take any ridiculous offers. Hold out for something reasonably close to what you expect.
  7. Pass the closing costs to the buyer. Let the buyer pick up any closing costs associated with the sale. This is customary in the resale industry.
  8. Throw the banked weeks in with the sale. If you have any banked weeks associated with your timeshare, throw them in with the sale as an incentive to buy. This usually adds the required value needed for that quick turnover.
  9. Try not to sell when you're in a hurry. The best time to put your resale up for sale is when you have plenty of time. Don't let pressure ruin an otherwise enjoyable sales experience.
  10. Be very realistic about what you own. Remember, this is not traditional real estate. It typically moves slow. Anyone telling you it moves fast or that they have a buyer waiting is trying to scam you. There are no crystal balls and nobody can tell you when your resale is going to be purchased.

If you are planning to sell timeshare resales, please use our guide. If you need of more help while trying to sell your timeshare, please contact us for the information you need. We are more than ready to help with your timeshare sales needs.

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